KingAER is participated in the Design Terminal Power Camp, where from more than 174 international applicants we were chosen into the 18 best. The event closing happened on Thursday, where applicants hold their pitches. Our team was represented by Tamás Gáll co-founder and general manager and László Farkas product owner. The pitch was held by Tamás with huge enthusiasm and the team was there to cheer and support. They told us our experiences on their first morning at back to work.

How do you do today at your first day at work after the camp?

T: We saw, heard and experienced many new things and this is important to me. We got inspiration about what to do with our solution, with the KingAER: I am tired, but in a positive way. I am optimistic about our performance. We could tell, what we had planned.

L: On one hand, I am finally relaxed. We were exposed by many impacts mostly by the mentors, and these are still in my head. Can’t wait to apply and build in these ideas into our product and strategy. We came home with a ton of experience.

What was the motivation to participate in the Design Terminal competition?

T: The two most important thing was the practice exchange and networking. I believe, that anyone can be skilled and talented, but the experience has to be gained. If we have the chance to ask for these know hows to be share with us, than it is useful and the most effective way of moving forward. We are trying to bring over that many years practices, what a team of mentors have, because for us it would take lots of time to live through. We’ve got so many things. We saw, that many doors have opened to us, which we can turn to our advantage in the business and professionally as well.

The third motivation was that we wanted to benchmark ourselves. Tried to find the answer for the questions: where are we and what are we capable of in this race. Wanted to know, who are we competing with. Not professionally, rather in the company building. It was good to see, what other companies do and what to learn from them and where we are.

L: As Tamás mentioned, get to know new people was the aim and it is fullfilled. In addition, we would like to discover the possibilities and methodologies of international market entry.

How does a Power Camp day look like?

T: The mornings start with a game or some exercise in the park and the evenings are about community building. The purpose of it is to relax and understand what do the others do.

During the day parallelly happened the task assignment, strategy building and the mentoring. The Power Camp put great emphasis on strategy and mission. The mentoring happened in 20 minutes conversations. We talked at least 10 people. The aim of it was to get to know the mentors and they got to known us. Not only we, but the mentors were also competing, because there are more mentors than teams. 2 main people leaded the whole camp. One of them was responsible for tasks and vision creation, the other for the community building. This week was not enough to get to know the companies deeply, so they looked for attitude. They payed attention to which team was enthusiastic. A company has to face challenges constantly and it is important how they can manage these.

What was the most interesting ? Do you have some best moment?

T.: There were many nice human moments, but for me a professional wonder was the most memorable. In the camp, they talked about the future of primary riporting. (Although it is the present in some cases.) It will become an integrated report, which will show social empowerment, benefits and other impacts beside from produced goods, profit, product and services. It will represent the impacts for humanity, environment and sustainability among others. It was really good to see, that today not only financial gain matters, but the enterprise’s atmosphere, the employee’s motivation and what companies invest into their colleagues’ improvement. It’s not only important, but will be seen in a company yearly riport. In Hungary it is not yet common, but in the western countries it is significant, that consumers’ choice is influenced by the impacts, what a company make.

L: For me the most interesting was the commmunication with the foreign teams. It was great to get to know their view of points. It was also engaging to see how the mentors reacted to us, what feedback we got. They saw many things from a different aspect and still they could gave us very useful advices. The biggest experiences were the human moments and the interaction between the teams.