Making the #GamePlan for gamification is fun! It is starting the same way that ordinary planning flow: define your business objective.

Now here comes the point whether you know the path to reach that objective or it must be discovered. Generally the first option is the case – you know the path – especially when you have steady business. Do not be confused, if your target objective is super challenging it does not mean that the path is unknown but requires extra effort maybe resources to hit. However the easiest way to identify the path is known or not, is the list of required behavior. If you are able to put together the list of required actions (something between 5-10 pcs) then you are on known path. Otherwise you need some experimental action that can be still OK at certain circumstances. All the actions on its own way should support your desired target and can not contain the same phrase as the objective itself, eq: your target is to increase the customer satisfaction rate from 73% to 77%, them “increase the customer satisfaction” is invalid action. Or if your objective is to close 10 more premium deals in the next three months, then “close 10 more premium deals” is invalid too. And of course make sure the actions are measurable. Now you have a list of actions. But wait a minute here… and rethink the list.

If your list of actions is wrong your are steering your team to a muddy, weedy theatre of business but not to the shiny and rewarding targeted place.

Your next challenge is to understand how it fits into your team. If your team is purposeful, who is motivated on goal achievement and the required actions put them into knowledge sharing environment  – which is a comfort zone for different type of personality, then team motivation level will be struggling for sure. It is never black and white to identify the characteristic of the team. It is not straight forward, but this makes good managers and leaders. Sometimes we are not aware even of our own characteristic, The good news is that it’s not impossible, there are several methods to find it out … just make it happen!

Your at the half point – more or less. Make a decision, which way to move on!

  1. Make it quick and dirty

On the next team meeting announce it, and during the evaluation period pay thorough attention to acknowledge the listed action. It can be private or public just make it regularly… or

  1. Make it on professional way with help of gamification

Abstract your KPIs into a story, design the corresponding visuals and implement motivational game mechanics into your defined path and lets get started with fun!

Do not forget, gamification is not a game, it is not a dancing around points, badges and levels it is about to improve employee engagement based on their personality to achieve business goas! Enjoy it!