gamef“Large but achievable!”-  the sentence that sales professionals has already got used to it during performance settings period, and even though it seems a super challenge, their personal profile enables them to accept it and go for it. How customer services agents approach this topic?

The transformation has been running for ages that customer services not just serve customer requests but there is an increasing enterprises need to promote products and/or services during service calls.  The trick is that companies put lot of energy to recruit and select agents with specified service profile and service experience. The more sophisticated the selection process was the higher the trouble we face with during that business transformation process. Simple our agents are not qualified to meet our expectation; they do not like to sale they like to provide service.

Traditional methods put carrot and stick on managers table to convince colleagues of large target is good. Ohh sometime there are further gadgets in the toolbox to motivate people, like extra money, participation in incentive programs and the power of hierarchy.  Finally, target plan is accepted …. Without any buy-in from agents, without any real understanding what does it mean, without any idea how to deliver… and without any motivation to achieve it!

All the tools mentioned above belong to extrinsic motivation methods. Meanwhile people behave primarily according to intrinsic motivators, that arise from within the individual. The fuel for intrinsic motivation is the internal reward, a kind of pleasure or sense of satisfaction one gets from a task.

So mission is to place agents in such an environment where intrinsic motivation drives them to accept company expectation and increase their engagement level.

To complete this mission gamification can be a state of the art methodology. Gamification can provide a platform where intrinsic motivators effect is amplified and can drive agent actions aligned with their personality type. Gamified processes translate the business environment to a new, more engaging, user centric world. It is easier to accept a game challenge then a work challenge so gamification help people to accept targets with more pleasure, with better understanding and higher willingness to act accordingly.

It is important to notice that although gamification makes business processes more game like by applying game mechanics, the gamification itself is not a game. Agents continue to work but the engagement level, working atmosphere and the point, the performance KPIs are improving.