Heti kihívás – Távmunka gyerekek mellett

A távmunka mindig rejt magában néhány extra kihívást az irodához képest, különösen, ha otthon dolgozol, ahol gyerekek is vannak, és esetleg nem tudsz kimozdulni velük vagy épp nincs óvoda, iskola. A Centaer Consulting csapatában is vannak kisgyermekes munkavállalók, akik az elmúlt hetek történései miatt most elsőkézből tapasztalhatják a gyerekek melletti távmunka minden szépségét és nehézségét. […]

How cool managers make GamePlan

Making the #GamePlan for gamification is fun! It is starting the same way that ordinary planning flow: define your business objective. Now here comes the point whether you know the path to reach that objective or it must be discovered. Generally the first option is the case – you know the path – especially when […]

Gamified process helps in feedback, verbal mirror, review, assessment and comment…

Quarterly appraisal… no fun! Training evaluation… no fun! Formal feedback on cultural program – no fun! Theoretically all the topics above are important not just for employer, but even for employee but to spend time and put effort to make it happen is a nasty, painful experience. The professional community created – probably – a […]

Gamification helps in target acceptance for customer service agents

“Large but achievable!”-  the sentence that sales professionals has already got used to it during performance settings period, and even though it seems a super challenge, their personal profile enables them to accept it and go for it. How customer services agents approach this topic? The transformation has been running for ages that customer services […]

Quick and dirty … but faceless

Generation Z – as an enabler – unlock the full potential of cool technologies not just in consumer but in business arena too even in customer services. The shift toward the online proved several expectation. Seems the right now, right here type of services is getting more and more dominant but it is not enough […]